30 ml epiCARE™ Moisturizing Skin Care Oil

30 ml epiCARE™ Moisturizing Skin Care Oil

Maxine Warsh

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epiCARE™ Moisturizing Oil is pure natural luxury in a complexion skin treatment. Infused with ginger, bergamot, rosehips, and other natural essences. Use it every morning to enhance the plump, moist feel and look of your fresh misted skin. 30 ml size

To MAXimize the benefit, use with other Maxine Warsh natural care products Apply epiMIST on your skin first thing in the morning under the oil. Before bed, use it after epiSILK ™ serum to seal in the goodness and help it do its remedial work.

Renew, Revive, and Rejuvenate - love the difference in your skin.

When anti-aging counts, buy the best!

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