Collagen Boost Complexion Kit

Collagen Boost Complexion Kit

Maxine Warsh

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Recommended anti-aging booster treatment

The Collagen Boost Complexion Kit contains our marine-based Collagen Correction pre-moisturizer to keep your skin looking young and moist. (Customers call this our magic potion!) Dab it on and leave for 15 minutes, then use the all-natural epiSilk Vitamin C Toning and Lifting Serum to tighten, firm, and improve your skin texture. (Vitamin C is also an excellent collagen booster—and doubles your effort to help your skin feel plump and moist.) 

Anti-Aging Collagen

We'll also include a free Warsh Cloth for Her with the Complexion Kit. With the Warsh Cloth you can wash your face without cleansers and chemicals—using only water to clear away makeup and grime—and start your anti-aging beauty routine with a fresh, clean face.

Buy Collagen Correction (30 ml for $89) and get epiSilk Vitamin C Toning and Lifting Serum (30 ml for half price—$30 with this offer). And we'll give you one Warsh Cloth for Her for free!

Give your skin a treat with Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation natural products.

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