Deluxe Acne Pack

Deluxe Acne Pack

Maxine Warsh

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The Deluxe Acne Pack includes three Acne Warsh Cloths to ensure you start with a clean face, epiMOIST, Collagen Correction, and epiCARE Oil. Twice a day, in morning and evening or when you start and finish your day, use the cloth to 'WARSH’ your face with only water of all product and makeup, while it gently exfoliates and rejuvenates. In the morning, apply epiMOIST All-Natural Hydrating Gel (30 ml). Made with Rose Hydra, Aloe Vera, and Glycerin, this non-oil based Hydrating Gel is a very effective moisturizer for acne-prone skin. After epiMOIST, dab on epiCARE Moisturizing Oil. This is a light oil that's good for any type of skin.

Also wonderful for acne-prone skin and included in the Deluxe Acne Kit is Collagen Correction, which is made of natural marine elements and is a pre-moisturizer that starts to work its magic in 15 minutes. Before bed, WARSH your face with the WARSH Cloth, then use epiMOIST Hydrating Gel. Next, apply Collagen Correction. Then dab epiCARE Moisturizing Oil over the Collagen Correction.  You're on your way to a beautiful complexion!